Best Practices – Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures

Ordering Replacement Vehicle Information Labels

(Please forward to damage appraiser)

SOPs help a business have predictable end results, something that can be repeated again and again. SOPs enable you to work SMARTER.

What follows is a step by step how-to, for ordering and replacing the very important Vehicle Information Labels on vehicles you are repairing, whether they are, under hood labels, Federal safety certification labels, tire pressure labels or warning labels. For Auto Data Labels to manufacture a label we take the required information we need from a clear photo you send us. We use this photo to transfer the appropriate information into our templates, Please carefully follow these SOPs:


When writing an estimate it is important to photograph all labels, whether they are under hood labels, Federal safety certification labels, tire pressure or warning labels. These labels must be clear enough for us to be able to read the information on the label. Auto Data does not reprint your photo; we take the data from the photo and put it in the new label template.

Auto Data Labels is open 24 hours a day and often manufactures labels in the middle of the night, meaning that, if we can not  clearly see the data on the label in your photograph, we can not reach you for clarification, delaying the delivery of your new label. Therefore, it is crucial for you to look at the photo before leaving the vehicle. If you can not read the label we cannot read the label either. Take another photo using the camera settings below:

Camera Settings:

  1. Macro Button- Set the camera to the Macro Mode. The macro mode will allow you to take a clear photo of small text. The macro button is usually located on the back of the camera. There is an icon of a flower on the button. Push to turn on. (Note: Be sure to turn  the macro mode off when finished.)
  1. Flash: Try to take the photo without the flash, especially on a black label. This will help you to avoid a reflection that often obscures our view of the label itself. If there is low light and a flash is needed, turn on the flash and take the photo at a slight angle so the reflection of the flash bounces away from your camera lens. Be sure to inspect the photo before leaving the vehicle to make sure there is no glare. If there is a glare, increase your angle a bit and attempt to take the photo again. As much as possible fill the entire view finder with the label.

Federal Safety Certification Sticker / Vin Label (FSCS) / Tire Pressure , Under Hood & Warning Labels

  1. Make sure the FSCS on the left door or B pillar matches the VIN on the dashboard, the door may have been replaced with an LKQ door and the old label from a different vehicle may be on there.
  1. After the proper label has been confirmed, clean off any dirt or debris for a clean photo.
  1. Take a photo using the camera settings above.
  1. Inspect the photo for clarity. IMPORTANT- Make sure you can tell the difference between a "B" from an "8" and a "S" from a "5" and so on.
  1. If you are taking a photo of a long decal  you can take it in two photos- one of the left side and one of the right side.

Damaged or missing information on Labels: If a label is damaged from the accident and is torn or missing information, send it over anyway, most of the time we can get the information, if we are unable to manufacture the label we will notify you.

Missing Federal Safety Certification Sticker: Unfortunately, we are unable to manufacture a (FSCS) if you can not provide a photo of the sticker needed.

Transferring Photos From Your Camera to the Computer: Use the same procedures you normally use to transfer photos to your computer. Put them in an easy to find location, such as your "desktop", "My Documents folder", "My Pictures folder", or your Estimating or Management System. Once the label photo(s) are transferred you can now visit the Auto Data Labels web site to start your order process:

       1.   Go to
      2   At the top of the page click on "Order Here"
       3   Fill  out  the required Fields

  1. Click “Browse” to locate where you stored the photo on your computer
  2. Once all the required fields are filled out and the photo is ready for uploading press ""”submit”. An automated delivery confirmation will appear.
  3. Confirmation from an Auto Data Labels Customer Service Representative will follow within a few hours letting you know your order has been received and is being processed.
  4. If you do not get a reply email from a Customer Service Rep within three hours please resend your order, something may have happened to the email.
  5. If order is received by 3 pm it will be mailed the same day.
  6. All labels are mailed with tracking, when we receive an update Auto Data Labels will email you the tracking update.

Standard Operating Procedures for
installing Replacement Vehicle Information Labels

(Please forward to technician)

Installing Labels: Many of the labels are void labels so it is important to know exactly where the label goes before removing the back side of the label. Carefully follow these steps:

  1. Metal temperature should be above 60 degrees. If needed, carefully heat the metal surface a bit with a heat gun
  1. Clean the painted metal surface with a wax and grease remover
  1. Wipe surface clean before the wax and grease remover dries
  1. Remove backside of label and carefully apply as straight as possible
  1. Press down on all areas of the label to ensure proper adhesion

Saving Old Federal Safety Certification Sticker: The old label should be peeled from the old part and stored in the folder. If you cannot peel the label off, carefully cut out the label along with the metal, tape up metal to cover the sharp edges. This will help protects you and others from injury. Keep Label in Customer's Folder for good record keeping.   

Payment for Replacement Vehicle Information Labels

(Please forward to accounts payable)

Paying for Labels: Auto Data Labels accepts 2 forms of payment,   Credit card or company check. And payment can be made at different times:

Invoices are shipped with the Label(s) please instruct your receiving department to forward the invoice to estimator or accounting

      1.    Payment can be made after you receive the label by company check or credit card

  1. Payment can be made  at time of ordering,  by Credit card,
  1. Payment can be made with  statement (please contact office to notify us you would like to be on a 30 day statement.)

      4.   Auto Data Can keep a record of your credit card information and charge the card when a label has been ordered

       1. To pay by Credit card please visit the site click on "Place an order" Scroll to the bottom of the page, click on the amount you would like to pay and fill in the required fields.

  1. If you would like Auto Data to process the credit card please call the accounting department at (631)-455-5516
  1. Paying by Check, please include  the invoice # you will be paying for, send payment to:  Auto Data Labels  101  Wright Ave. Deer Park N.Y. 11729


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