Information on the Smooth Delivery of Labels

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Auto Data Labels has made the ordering process very simple: Just take a photo of the label to be manufactured, insert it an email along with your shop name, address, contact person & phone number, and send it. its that simple. Within 1-3 days the label will arrive! If you are having a difficult time taking a clear photo of small text, turn the "Macros" Setting on, look at the back of the camera and push the button with the icon of the flower. Scroll over the flower below to learn more about "Macros."

Tips For Smooth Delivery of the Labels

  1. If You Are Taking a Photo of a Long Label, you Can Send It Over In 2 or 3 Sections
  2. If You Are Taking a Photo of a Black Label, Please Do not Use the Flash,
  3. If You Are Taking a Photo of a label on a damaged bent part of the car please take 2 different angles so we can see all the info.
  4. If You Are Taking a Photo of a Label That Some of the information is Damaged, Sent it Any Way, We Have Data For Most Labels.
  5. If You Are Taking a Photo of a Label That Has a Diagram Please take a Direct head on photo and please make sure it is clear.
  6. After sending the Replacement Label, Within a Few Hours You Will Receive a Reply Email, Thanking You For The Order, If You Do Not Receive an Email, That Means Your Email Did Not Get To Us, Please Resend The Email,
  7. If You Do Not Receive The Replacement Label Within 3 Days Please Contact Us & We Will Track The Location. (all labels have tracking numbers)
  8. Please contact office if the labels are for a "Salvage" vehicle

If you would like to pay for your order
Please send a check and make payable to
Auto Data Labels
44 West Jefryn Blvd
Suite K
Deer Park NY 11729
Or call in with your credit card information 631-667-2382

Ordering and Installing Replacement Labels

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Telephone: 631-667-2382
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101 Wright Ave
Deer Park, NY 11729

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Damaged Stickers

Auto Data Labels can still manufacture a replacement vin sticker or any of our other labels if the original is damaged. Please send it over for review.

Anti-Theft Void Labels

Many of our replacement labels are "Anti-Theft Void Labels." This means the labels are only one-time use. Please clean the surface before applying the sticker.